Services and Pricing

with seven options to choose from...

Chat with Caitlin


15 minutes conversation

Skype Conversation

If you are unsure about whether or not this is for you and have questions, feel free to book in a chat with Caitlin via Skype. Please note this is not a consultation time, it is for potential clients or people potentially wanting to work with Caitlin in some manner (feel free to send a brief email to to book in a skype call).

On a Budget



Plant Essences Blend

Please note this is not a consultation time. It is for people to briefly explain what they’re currently needing; so that Caitlin can produce a plant essences blend tailored to support them energetically (feel free to send a brief email to to book in a skype call for this).

One on One


USD 1-1.5 hours

Mindset Mentoring

Please leave a brief comment when booking with Caitlin and share with her why you’re looking at one on one mentoring. One personalised bottle of sacred plant medicine made from sustainably sourced essences will be included. Limited Numbers of one on one clients.

Shamanic and Reiki


USD 1-2 hours


Shamanic and/or Reiki Energy healing, including working alongside plant essences. Depending on each individuals circumstances, you may be given a specialised blend of plant essences . Due to her travel schedule and time zone differences, please feel free to call her number 24/7 and leave a message if she doesn’t pick up: +64 21 0230 7116.

Greater Freedom


USD 3 months or $300/month

Most Popular Choice

Down from $1800 to $900. Do you feel excited and anxious at the same time when you think of the potential of who you could be? Have you been letting the anxiousness or fear win? Are you screaming out to say no more? If you answered yes to all three of these, this course is for you to work towards overcoming those fears. You get access to a mentoring call with Caitlin working with her personally on your blocks, a follow-up consultation and fortnightly progress calls. Work intensively with Caitlin while using a bottle of sacred plant medicine tailored specially to you each month (three in total) to start to clear out fears energetically held within our DNA (through epigenetics).

Success Mentoring


USD a year

Mentoring Program

12 specialised mentoring sessions with Caitlin either on Skype or in person. Six monthly coaching webinars with the whole team of entrepreneurs within their selective fields. This program has been constructed for you to consciously remove blocks and behaviour patterns that are preventing you from fulfilling your true potential. For those looking to heal and succeed in your relationships with others, yourself, work  and in love: this program is for you. To build a supportive community of people who are looking to achieve greatness within the world. Come and work with Caitlin and your tribe to help ignite your flame and shine it brightly to become a conscious leader for the world. Limited price offer and numbers to this program.



USD Consultation

Specialised Consultation

Specialised circumstances where upgrades are added on to existing plans. Please make sure Caitlin has verbalised this with you prior to booking in.
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