Caitlin's Story

Holistic Therapist

Caitlin du Preez has a background as a Reiki Master and a practitioner in a sacred plant medicine. She is also the founder and leader of Sunday Soul Sessions, a group of people who meet monthly with the purpose of empowering, emotionally supporting, and aiding members in identifying and working with their own unique abilities. Meetings involve discussing topics that feed the soul and nourish our minds.

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In honor of teacher Reiki Master Karana Oliver –

“I am eternally grateful I was lucky enough to meet Karana and spend as much time in her presence as I have. The healings, wisdom, laughter and lessons you’ve shared with me will always be held dear to my heart. Thank you.” Caitlin du Preez

Caitlin became a Reiki Master through Reiki Therapist/Master Karana Oliver.


Karana achieved her Reiki Masters in the traditional way of many before her, but one aspect of it was very unique. Years ago she was divinely chosen by her own Reiki Master to be initiated as a master in the same way as other students, however this initiation would be gifted to her. From there she became a Reiki master and initiated other students through their first, second and third degrees in Reiki and to their masters. Eventually she would select a student to gift a masters to in the same it was done for her.

Caitlin is one of the students Karana taught and initiated her in first, second, third Reiki degree. As Caitlin and Karana were completing the final energy work in third degree Reiki, Karana’s Lapis Lazuli – a precious stone of spiritual significance –  spilt into two.  This was the signal Karana took to select Caitlin to be the student she would gift the initiation of Reiki masters to, and who would vow to carry on the tradition one day gifting to another.

Caitlin’s journey to a more holistic approach to health

Although at a deeper level, she was always aware of something more than the physical, Caitlin’s career choice ended up being far more conventional in her earlier years undertaking a BSC degree.

Towards the end of her first year she began questioning whether this was the right form of study. On that same day, on the way driving home from the library, Caitlin was involved in a serious car accident. Another vehicle crashed into hers, hitting her driver’s door and leaving her injured with a concussion. Through the next few months of her recovery Caitlin experienced adverse side effects to her prescribed antibiotics. Her immune system was lowered and most of her body to became red and inflamed.

After trying many different health care modalities in the attempt to boost her immune system and prevent the cycle of falling ill, she came across Naturopathy. The results were something new. Once she’d gained her strength back she began a degree in Naturopathy.

It wasn’t all over, however. In her second year of study Caitlin unexpectedly fell ill experiencing exhaustion, constant dizziness, chest pain, weakness, episodes of collapsing into unconscious, and vision loss. She was bed-ridden on and off over the next two years. The search through many different health care modalities continued. This involved conventional and allied healthcare, not to mention thousands of dollars. She then discovered First Light Essences.

Caitlin was highly skeptical. She assumed essences wouldn’t be strong enough; just another modality that she wouldn’t see results from.
After so many attempts with other solutions she was reluctant to even try it by that stage. Two months later those results arrived with increased energy, ability and health. Caitlin gained enough energy to embark on a new endeavour. From there she began her holistic journey of studying and discovering the healing potential of essences so that they may be used to aid others.

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